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Drug-free BioSURE PRO creates an invisible physical barrier in your nasal passages, adding an extra layer of protection to help prevent infection.

Studies show that BioSURE PRO is effective at blocking and inactivating 99% of RSV, influenza, rotaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 (that causes COVID-19) delta and omicron variants.

  • Spray

    Just 2 sprays in each nostril provides 6 hours of protection in seconds allowing you to work, play, dance... (the choice is yours!) with confidence

  • Protect

    Applied as a plume spray for optimum coverage, our spray creates a physical barrier so that viruses cannot attach to the cells in your nasal passage

  • Go

    There's a market leading 600 hours of protection per bottle, so wherever you go take BioSURE PRO and simply Spray, Protect & Go

Defend where viruses attack

The nose is the main site of infection for most viruses.

The patented formula contains the 'silver bullet' ingredient called ELAH, which disrupts the membrane around the virus so it is inactivated. This basically works in a similar way to hand soap. If your hands are dirty, you use soap to break up the dirt so it can be washed away. Our spray works in the same way. If the virus cannot enter the cell, it therefore cannot infect.

This all happens outside of the cells in your nose and only affects the viruses. Studies have shown no side-effects which means you can use BioSURE PRO whenever you want and it remains as effective however often you use it.

Knowing you have a real extra layer of protection can give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy more and worry less.

Applied as a plume spray & works in seconds

Many nasal sprays are applied as a 'squirt' or as a puff of powder. BioSURE PRO is applied as plume of fine mist to give optimum coverage, creating a physical barrier in your nasal and nasopharyngeal passages that is effective almost immediately.

This means that within seconds of after applying you have a very real layer of protection against infection from airborne respiratory viruses for up to 6 hours.

Market leading value. 400 sprays = 600 hours of protection per bottle

Being drug-free, you can use BioSURE PRO as often as needed and reapply when required to give continuous protection.

Our spray is not a medicine and has no metabolic or pharmacological effects. It has shown no side effects, and no overdose or dependencies from frequent use.

  • Safe

    BioSURE PRO can be used daily as needed without reducing the effectiveness of the product. Because BioSURE PRO is not a drug, there are no side effects or adverse interactions.

  • Effective

    Laboratory testing and clinical trials have proven the power of BioSURE PRO to block airborne viruses before they gain entry into the body, for up to 6 hours.

  • Protective

    The primary ingredient, ELAH (ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl), has been used for decades as a food preservative and in mouthwashes to prevent gingivitis. Testing shows ELAH blocks viral attachment in the nose as well.

The Team behind the Spray

The patented formula, which contains ELAH, was developed by a globally renowned team of award-winning scientists.

Dr Gaffar - Developed the formula for the world leading ELAH based mouthwash rinse and is a recipient of the American Chemistry Society "Heroes of Chemistry

Dr Harshad Thacore - Professor Emeritus at School of Medicine, SUNY Buffalo

Dr Sierra Yoon - Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, D.H. Technologies Institute

The renowned team were awarded the NCL's (Nanotechnology Characterisation Laboratory) Cascade Assay award in 2020.

Since then multiple evaluations and validations have been performed and international regulatory approvals gained.

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is UKCA marked and registered with the MHRA.

Safe & Effective for Daily Use

BioSURE PRO is not a medicine and has no known side effects. Evalutions show no evidence of being able to overdose or develop dependencies from frequent use and no long term reduction in it's effectiveness due to prolonged use.

The key ingredient of BioSURE® Pro Protective Nasal Spray, is ELAH (ethyl lauroyl arginine HCL), which has been used in mouthwashes and as a food preservative for decades and enjoys a high safety profile. Extensive studies have shown that this ingredient metabolizes quickly into two safe compounds commonly found in human diets.

There are no ingredients in BioSURE PRO that make it unsafe, but because we have not specifically performed evaluations with pregnant women or young children, we recommend that it's suitable for use only for those aged 12 years and older and that if you are pregnant you should consult with your healthcare professional before using.

Proudly made in the UK

Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, under ISO 13485 conditions. We are proud to make our products right here for the UK and global export.

The BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is UKCA marked and registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).