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BioSURE Food Intolerance Test

BioSURE Food Intolerance Test

Understand how your body reacts to specific foods, so you can make changes to your diet and feel better! Every purchase includes detailed results with expert advice of how to replace problem foods, repair your gut and gradually reintroduce foods. You can also arrange a free chat with one of our nutritionists if you want to discuss your results.

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Detects IgG 1,2,3 & 4 Antibodies

Fingerprick Blood Sample

Lab Test - results in 5 -7 days

CE Marked

Why check for food intolerances?

Food intolerances can be responsible for a wide range of symptoms, ranging from headaches and migraines, bloating and IBS.

When your body does not react well with a certain food, it produces an immune response as a defence and creates antibodies (which is what causes the symptoms).

Every sample is tested twice for a wide range of popular foods, so you can be confident in your result and in making changes to your diet. 92% of customers see significant benefits, feeling healthier and having more energy.

You will receive an in-depth report and expert advice and support about how to eliminate and replace problem foods to reduce and eliminate symptoms. After 3 months you should be able to gradually reintroduce foods as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

We can also offer you a free 30 minute consultation if you wish to discuss your results with a qualified nutritionist.

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