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BioSURE General Wellness & Energy Test

BioSURE General Wellness & Energy Test

Best selling & great value - £10 discount automatically applied at checkout throughout April, for Stress Awareness Month. This test provides a broad picture of how your key health indicators are performing, including thyroid, liver and kidney function, plus your cholesterol and essential vitamins levels.

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17 Biomarkers

Fingerprick Blood Sample

Lab Test - results within 48 hours

Fasting Test

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This incredibly good-value BioSURE Test gives a real insight to the key biomarkers that influence your general wellness and energy levels.

Whether you are looking to make lifestyle changes to feel better, identify health risks or simply get peace of mind, you can check your vitamin levels and thyroid function, how your liver and kidneys are performing and understand your risk of heart disease, all from a simple fingerprick blood sample.

Take out the guesswork and add the science.

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